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SHM Consulting has a variety of products under development to allow business leaders to grow their businesses profitably.  Please check back regularly or contact us to determine the latest status.


Ignite Growth in Your Business


This 4-part home study course details proven systems to grow your business profitably this year!  For full details, click here


Manage Your Money in Fun and Simple Ways


We are proud to continue to offer the extremely popular book, Street Hockey Millionaire:  Common Sense Strategies to Win the Money Game.  It is available in the following formats:

  • printed book -- $14.95US / $19.95 Cdn

  • electronic form, e-book -- $24.95US/ $29.95 Cdn

  • workbook form -- $49 US/ $55 Cdn

Corporate discounts are available to businesses, and other bulk buyers.  Please contact us for more information.


Also available is the home study course:

 How to get more time, more money and more fun in your life


About Street Hockey Millionaire 




Written in a fictional style, Street Hockey Millionaire teaches personal finance in a fun, simple and straightforward manner. The story revolves around Pete Smith, whose life is running somewhat out of control. While he has a good job, drives an upscale car, and lives in a great neighborhood, Pete is experiencing some setbacks with regards to a lack of control over his finances, and a lack of time to spend on the things he enjoys.

In contrast, Pete's new neighbor and old hockey buddy, Steve Murphy, has a life which seems mysteriously balanced. He is living comfortably and spending three hours a day playing street hockey with his children. Fueled by his frustration of working too much and having too little to show for it, Pete is both curious and confused about Steve's "secret".

Thus the stage is set for Steve's week-by-week course on personal financial planning and other lifestyle considerations to live the life of a street hockey millionaire. Join Pete, his wife Jenny, his brother-in-law Mark and his nephew Chris as they learn the lessons necessary to gain control of their finances while having fun.

Testimonials From Around the World

 “He saves, he scores! The book does a good job of covering the basics of investing and saving for the future.”  ---Jennifer Campbell, Ottawa Citizen, Ottawa, Canada


"Street Hockey Millionaire is compelling reading! For such a complex subject -- that most people would shy away from -- it is extremely well written and presented.  Anyone can understand and learn from the book. It appeals to us foreigners by adding the notes about the differences between US, Canadian and European systems.  And the theme of street hockey would transcend any nationality. Congratulations!"  --Andrew Crabtree, Poole, England.


"Using the methods James teaches in Street Hockey Millionaire, I was able to pay off consumer debt in less than a year, start giving to my favorite charities on a regular basis (rather than sporadically), and start my son's college fund before his first birthday! Thanks to his easy to understand financial wisdom, I am well on my way to a life of wealth and abundance, and I am better able to recognize and appreciate the many blessings in my life."
Teresa Bolen, author of Master Plan to Master Exams,  Kyoto, Japan



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