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'Partnering With Businesses to Improve Their Human and Organizational Performance'

Typical Client Results

       Accelerated time to profit for new business owner by creating efficient business processes for sales, marketing and operations of company

       Greatly reduced new product development costs of enterprise software company by creating a new product development process to streamline efforts

       Increased productivity of employees at retail giant by providing training to staff on better management of their personal finances

       Accelerated sales at several financial service firms by giving keynote seminars and by advising senior staff on more effective marketing techniques

       Increased focus and accelerated time to profit for naturopathic doctor’s practice by recommending numerous techniques to add value to his customer’s experience

       Increased motivation of sales and advertising clients by giving keynote seminar on motivation, sales and marketing

       Increased motivation and productivity of purchasing agents by giving keynote seminar on motivation and financial management by breaking complex tasks into fun and simple steps



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